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Q&A: What 9 Women Wish They'd Known Before Their First Solo Trip

The question I asked female solo travelers on Instagram this week was:

What’s one thing you wish you had known before you took your first solo trip?

For me, I wish I had known that becoming a competent, confident solo traveler is a learnable skill set.

After my first, small trip alone, I vowed to give up solo travel forever because I felt that I clearly wasn’t cut out for it. I’m SO GLAD I had the opportunity to try it again a few years later, because that’s when I fell in love with solo exploring.

I wish someone had told me: This is a totally new experience for you. Be patient. You WILL get better through practice and making mistakes.

That's the beauty of it, though. Solo travel will change you, whether you're expecting it to or not. You'll come out the other side a more confident woman who knows how to take care of business and is adept at managing her own experiences.

Traveling alone is a learning and growth experience, whether it's your first solo trip or your 50th!

Read on for what eight other women on Instagram wished they'd known before taking their first solo trip.

On my big solo trip around Asia—climbing the Great Wall

Rebecca, @rebeccapaquille_travels

"My first solo trip was in Québec last year. I planned every little detail, like where to sleep, eat, and explore—I was SO afraid to get lost! And yes, I did end up getting lost. But it was so exciting because I met so many people like me. I ended up doing so many things I didn't plan on alone, and sometimes with others I met. I wish I had known I can do things by myself without every tiny step of the way planned out!"

Kathryn, @kat_wright87

"I wish I had known how gratifying and empowering it would feel! If I had known before, I would've traveled alone much sooner!"

Lauren, @daydream.wanderer

"I wish I'd had more faith in myself to travel solo without pre-planning every little detail. I'm on my first solo trip in SE Asia at the moment. I planned the first 2 months down to the details of committing myself where to stay, booking travel between destinations, and planning exact routes through countries. Now that I'm here, I find that planning only a few days in advance is the way to go. Not knowing where I'm going to be in a week's time is so freeing and exciting!"

Ashley, @ohdarlingletsseetheworld

"I wish I understood more that traveling solo IS safe for females!!"

Chastity, @through.the.llyns

"I wish I had known more about planning! I definitely didn't plan the best for my first solo adventure. It was a 6-day road trip through Utah. I ran out of gas, got lost with no cell service to find my way back, and ran out of food. I didn't give up though, and now my trips go much more smoothly!"

Masuma, @masuma_somji

"I wish I had known that I wouldn't need half of the things I took with me!"

Amber, @coffeechatwithamber

"I wish I had known how fun it would be! My first solo trip was to Disney World. I missed my hubby and son, but it was nice to do what I wanted to do. Also, kind strangers would talk to me. I even had one lady who was a massage therapist offer to work on my shoulder that was super sore. An older couple at a table next to me in a restaurant and I got to talking about cruising! Kids would smile at me and my light-up Mickey ears (I'm a kid at heart!). It was just neat to be traveling solo, but never really feel alone."

Felly, @fellyday

"I wish I'd known that buying flights doesn't need to be done so far in advance. I probably wouldn't have come home from Europe!"

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