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Angela at SheGoes
May 9

3 days: Helsinki & Tallin, Estonia


Edited: May 10

3 days | age 27 | July 2018


Start in Helsinki. Stayed at X Hostel.


Day 1: Explored the churches and the library.

Day 2: Took the ferry to Estonia.

Day 3: Took a walking tour and ate at the local market.


Itinerary rating: 3/5 stars. There's not a ton to do in Helsinki; three full days there definitely would've been too much time. It was hard enough to fill two. Taking the ferry to Tallin one of the days was a great choice.

Tips: Make sure to learn the Finnish words for still vs. sparkling water. I don't like sparkling yet I always ended up accidentally buying it at the grocery store. Try reindeer jerky there if you're a meat eater! I wouldn't say the journey out to the fort is worth it, unless you bring a towel and swimsuit and plan to go for a swim along the coastline there. In the summer, the nature is very beautiful. Also be prepared for how long the daylight hours last in summer! I didn't get to my accommodation till after 3am and it wasn't even fully dark.

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